Listen to us discuss all things DraytonAssess® on the Smart Teams Podcast!

“It was such a privilege to feature on this podcast - I hope people enjoy listening to the ways in which Drayton support candidates and clients through the world of personality assessment" Sophie Edwards, Partner - Research & Assessment

Drayton's in-house Psychometrician was recently invited by assessment provider, SHL, to feature as a guest on their Smart Teams podcast.

Drayton's Sophie Edwards, Head of Research and Assessment, was honoured to be invited onto SHL's podcast - Smart Teams - to discuss the growing importance of culture and personality fit for organizations looking for leaders.

Smart Teams is the #1 talent management and talent acquisition podcast, delivering world-class talent resources in weekly 20–30-minute episodes packed with information on the latest developments at the intersection of people, science, and technology.

Sophie spoke at length with Deven Chauhan, Global Customer Marketing Manager all about how Drayton use insights gained from assessment data to add immense value to their hiring process; ultimately finding the right people to lead teams.

For example, when asked by Deven "Are you seeing any trends in competencies that have become more important over time for your organisations?", Sophie talked about the rising importance in assessing a candidate's ability to cope with pressures and setbacks. This is just one of the twenty different competencies Drayton can look into when completing assessments with potential candidates. By working with the client to select those compentencies most crucial for success in their organisation, every report produced within DraytonAssess® is unique and offers precise insight into the candidate's likely performance in specific areas.

If you would like to listen to the episode yourself, follow the link here for Episode 31:

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