Drayton support the appointment of a Managing Director, leveraging their bespoke Testing & Assessment strategy to find the perfect candidate.

“Drayton have a thorough process which maximises the chances of finding the right candidate" Founder & MD

"When working with a search firm, the key thing is the result. However, what delivers results is process and capabilities. The Drayton team are exceptionally smart, have a thorough process which maximises the chances of finding the right candidate and have a network/brand which allows them to know the best candidates to talk to, how to get them to engage, and who to get soft references from. Most importantly you can trust them. They’re the best firm I have worked with in the last 10+ years." Business Founder

The Challenge

Drayton completed the Managing Director mandate for a high-growth SME in the food industry that had recently been acquired from the Founder. Working collaboratively with the Founder, who was leading the search for their own successor, Drayton's in-house psychometrician, Sophie Edwards, deployed her skills to help identify a candidate who really fitted the needs and culture of this unique business.

In this instance, the client specifically wanted to focus on assessing candidates’ competencies – which is one of the core strengths of the Occupational Personality Questionnaire. Through briefing sessions, 4 competencies were chosen to focus attention on which included; Leading & Supervising, Analysing, Formulating Strategies & Concepts, and Entrepreneurial & Commercial Thinking. Mastery of all of four was deemed crucial for success in this role.

Alongside assessing for these on the OPQ, it was agreed that Numerical and Inductive Ability testing would also be used. This combination of personality and ability testing is considered to be the gold-standard in the industry and helps to form a well-rounded view of the candidate and their relative strengths and areas for development.

The Outcome

Testing was completed on the final three candidates who progressed to final stage interview, and helped shape the content of these discussions. The profiles produced from the testing offered unparalleled levels of insight into the candidates’ tendencies and preferences to behave in certain ways, their predicted performance against the competencies identified, and their reported ability when it comes to working with numbers and drawing inferences from data.

In relation to the Founder's experience of Drayton Testing & Assessment they commented: "Personality testing can be a minefield but it can add real value if done properly. Sophie clearly explained which tests could add value in our search, highlighted limitations and then gave a detailed assessment of the candidates, combining raw data, insight and candidates' feedback on their assessment results. It really helped us differentiate between our preferred candidates."

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