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High street retailer Greggs recruits Supply Chain Director to deliver a new manufacturing strategy.

Drayton are a trusted partner to Greggs. They are great to work with, and their advice, insight and opinion has been invaluable. Everyone likes to think they know a little about our sector. The difference is they know a lot. Roisin Currie, People Director, Greggs

Historically a regional baker, Greggs had transitioned to a national supply strategy and were looking to embark on a period of transformational process optimisation and efficiency improvement.


Greggs had traditionally operated across several regions with local manufacturing sites supplying their local market. The business was transitioning to a national supply model with common recipes, common processes and centres of manufacturing excellence for certain products.

Although much of the structure had been created a significant amount of work was required to provide the systems and culture that would deliver the bottom line returns. Greggs had identified that they needed a manufacturing expert with a very clear understanding of “what good looks like” and the capability to deliver this.

Drayton Partners Approach

Greggs are based in the North East of England and Drayton felt that it was unlikely we would secure a shortlist of candidates locally due to the lack of FMCG food manufacturing. But, we knew that the successful recruit would spend a significant amount of time working with the Board on strategic activities and would need to be in the North East. We actively searched for individuals with ties to the area, knowing that this would increase the likelihood of a long-term appointment. None of the final three candidates lived locally but two had grown up in Newcastle Upon Tyne and subsequently moved away.


We identified a strong shortlist of FMCG food manufacturing candidates and conducted a competitive interview process. It became clear that the successful candidate was going to come from a multi-national, blue chip organisation and we were acutely aware that the transition to a FTSE250 company would be unchartered territory for the individual. We supported throughout the offer process ensuring a high level of communication to all parties to bring the process to a successful outcome.