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CHILDS FARM GROWS UP – The child skincare company’s launch of adult brand Farmologie is paying dividends.

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Industry commentators like Beauty Magazine are already calling Farmologie “more efficacious than other products on the market".

Founded by Joanna Jenson, Childs Farms’ range of children’s skincare products quickly went viral on social media when adult eczema sufferers discovered the moisturisers helped clear up their own skin.

The ethically-sourced brand has now produced an adult range of products called Farmologie.

“The result,” according to Mother and Baby, “of 5 years of research and innovation.”

They use active ingredients like oat colloidal and oat lipid oil to moisturise and hydrate the skin. Farmologie also offers fragrance options to people with problem skin who might not have been able to use them before.

Jensen created the original range to help protect her own daughters from the kind of skin problems she had experienced growing up.

She recently commented: “Over the years, so many people asked me if I could make Childs Farm products for grown-ups…so we’ve done just that.”

With industry commentators like Beauty Magazine already calling Farmologie “more efficacious than other products on the market,” even the new brand’s non-fragranced products already have the distinct smell of success.

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