March 2016

Drayton retained to find HR leader for wonderful menswear brand.

This iconic international Menswear brand and retailer is seeking an outstanding HR leader as it embarks on an exciting period of positive cultural change

Drayton Partners have recently won an exciting recruitment project mandate with a leading Menswear brand and retailer. After a period of restructuring and realignment, the company is now in a strong position to drive its business forward. This will focus on the People Agenda, putting it at the heart of the plan and fundamantal to the continued success they are striving to achieve.

Wayne Mabbott, who leads Drayton Partner′s Apparel and Footwear business, commented:

"It is really exciting to be working with such an established and respected retailer, one that has been designing and producing quality Menswear for over 100 years. They have passed the test of time, and whilst maintaining their core values, continue to deliver contemporary products to the market which have such popular appeal. With our experience in both the retail and apparel sector, we are confident we will find the right calibre of HR leader, one who can bring the energy, drive and ambition needed to put 'People' at the fore and lay the foundations for this fast paced company to continue to succeed”. ​