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GOLDEN FUTURES? – The five companies competing for ‘Startup of the Year’ at the Grocer Gold Awards

The Grocer Gold Awards are back in London on the 5th of October.

The Grocer Gold Awards are back in London on the 5th of October. For those fascinated by the industry’s future, ‘Startup of the Year’ is a category to keep an eye on.

Here is a brief introduction to the five competitors:

  1. Hun Wine: Canned wine with attitude. Hun source “premium quality wine from South Africa” to create “the UK's first Fairtrade wine in a can.”

  2. Moo to You: The local milkman is back. In the form of a kind of Delivermoo. Moo to You supply “fresh local milk and produce, without fuss, to local people.”

  3. Lyre’s: Lyre’s range of lovingly crafted non-alcoholic spirits is “borne from a quest to make the impossible possible.”

  4. Offblak: Carbon-negative tea that tastes delicious. Offblak are on a purpose-led mission to “brew together to a sustainable future.”

  5. Plant Power: Plant Power are aiming to make their meat-replacement tempeh “the go-to meat alternative for plant-curious Brits.”

Five great businesses, but which one will win?

Extract from Human Capital – Drayton’s business magazine.

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