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GÜ-ING, GÜ-ING, GONE – PE firm Exponent’s recent acquisition of Gü Puds looks like a shrewd investment.

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"Exponent's recent experience and learnings from developing Quorn, particularly the international and operational aspects, will be invaluable for the Gü investment" Rob Seery, Drayton

Founded by entrepreneur James Averdieck in 2003, Gü, Britain's biggest premium dessert-maker, has been acquired by Exponent. Last year, say the leading private equity firm, the brand rose to the top spot “with retail sales value up +25% YoY to more than £69m.”

According to Sky, Gü benefited from “a surge in sales over the last year as homebound consumers comfort-ate their way through UK-wide lockdowns.”

Gü’s recent expansion strategy has been based around product innovation. With the brand expanding its line into cheesecakes, mousses, and hot puddings.

Simon Davidson, Senior Partner at Exponent, commented: “Building on its success in the UK, we believe Gü has enormous international potential with the opportunity to create a truly global, premium indulgence brand.”

Exponent have an excellent track record in the sector and currently own several other food and drink businesses, including Vibrant Foods, Eat Real Proper, and Meadow Foods. In addition, Evergreen and Moonpig are two fascinating Consumer assets.

So, Gü will, it seems, fit seamlessly into their sector portfolio, and immediately benefit from Exponent's "greater understanding leads to greater transformation” corporate philosophy.

Extract from Human Capital – Drayton’s business magazine.

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