May 2016

Systematic Inventive Thinking - Are Your Greatest Ideas "Inside The Box"?

Systematic Inventive Thinking - Are Your Breakthrough Ideas Inside The Box?

Drayton Partners are delighted to host a networking breakfast event in conjunction with The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School. The session will focus on a presentation from Dil Sidhu, who will deliver insight into Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT).

What is Systematic Inventive Thinking?

SIT is an easily understood toolkit that can be used to develop innovative solutions, based on what you already know. We will explore how using the SIT approach can deliver fresh thinking to a broad range of business activities. In an age where business needs teams to be more creative and inventive, there are many leaders who feel they lack these skills. While we are encouraged to 'think outside of the box', SIT encourages individuals and teams to 'think INSIDE the box' to find innovation solutions.

Dil Sidhu - Guest Speaker

Through the illustration of real examples, the SIT methodology is explored by Dil who is an accredited SIT Architect and has utilised the approach in a diverse range of sectors. Dil has a rich and varied set of experiences, previous positions include Director roles at Dixons, Argos, BDO LLP and London Business School. An alumnus of Harvard University and London Business School, Dil has successfully completed three Master’s degrees. He has taught on executive education and MBA programmes at 22 colleges and Universities around the world.

Event Details

  • Friday 8th July 2016, 8.30am - 10.30am
  • Etihad Stadium, Rowsley Street, Manchester, M11 3FF
  • There will be opportunities for networking with other guests before and after the presentation
  • A buffet breakfast will be provided

For more information on this event please email or call 0191 484 1220