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NOT JUST SAYING, DOING – GroceryAid’s annual Diversity & Inclusion programme urges more action.

GroceryAid’s annual Diversity & Inclusion programme urges more action.

Major industry names attended this year’s launch of GroceryAid’s Diversity and Inclusion programme. Here are our six key takeaways:

1. Less talk, more action: Industry leaders encouraged businesses to enact even more of the change they were discussing.

2. Broader focus: Since its inception in 2019, the programme has expanded significantly. Back then it focussed on gender and race equality but this year it covered disability, sexuality, and mental health too.

3. Getting personal: The audience heard dramatic real-life stories from industry leaders on their personal battles around mental health, sexuality and ethnicity.

4. Increased effort: Many retail and manufacturing businesses said they were increasing their efforts to appoint more diverse boards.

5. Leadership: This was the largest launch event to date but the D&I’s call to action was for even more business leaders to attend in 2022.

6. Building on success: As the FT reported recently, “British businesses are set to come under fresh pressure to appoint more women to senior leadership positions.” This sentiment was echoed by the charity.

Extract from Human Capital – Drayton’s business magazine.

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