June 2022

‘Outdoor By ISPO’ - An important date in the calendar again for many performance Apparel & Footwear outdoor brands, but also for Drayton.

It was really exciting to get a feel for the latest strategic direction of the sector and the chance to hear directly from leaders in the industry Wayne Mabbott

Drayton were thrilled to pack their bags and check in for a flight to Munich to attend one of the most important dates in the apparel, footwear, and accessories outdoor industry, ‘Outdoor By ISPO’. Drayton’s Wayne Mabbott explains it’s the largest gathering for outdoor brands in Europe, giving businesses an opportunity to showcase their products to their potential customers and suppliers under one roof.

Brands from across Europe and beyond, such as Jack Wolfskin, Helly Hansen or La Sportiva make it a priority to be present at the tradeshow, as well as suppliers of components and materials, so it’s not only the finished goods on display, however also the ingredients which make up those goods. Sustainability and more innovative solutions is playing an even bigger role now.

Wayne Mabbott commented: “It was really exciting to get a feel for the latest strategic direction of the sector and the chance to hear directly from leaders in the industry about their vision and future ambitions are for their brand. A brand which really stood out was Dometic, a Swedish brand, specialising in outdoor camping, who showcased their display in an innovative and memorable way - a Jeep with a tent on the roof and many of its other products in an outdoor environment, allowing customers to really feel and see what it would be like to have for a ‘family holiday’ in the mountains or a weekend away at a festival.”

However, Wayne discussed generally the challenge for a brand to stand out and differentiate itself at the show. In the clothing and footwear industry, many stands were colourful, innovative and technical, but without a logo it would often be difficult to differentiate. That’s the challenge for all brands, in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

After a period of virtual calls only, Wayne was enthused and encouraged to see so many people in attendance, with brands still embracing the value of physical presence and proximity. For many, including Drayton, it’s an opportunity to show your brand presence to the industry, meet with partners and suppliers and to speak to passing trade on an ad-hoc basis. In Wayne’s case, he was able to arrange a number of planned meetings with the likes of Jack Wolfskin, La Sportiva, Ortlieb, Dometic and Bergans, as well as with known contacts from brands such as Odlo, Helly Hansen and Osprey. And such is the nature of the show, bumping into old colleagues and a chance to catch up, is a real benefit to being there.

Wayne has already booked his flight to the ISPO show in November, which has moved it’s date forward by 3 months, making it more important for buyers and key customers to see product before the seasonal buy has been confirmed. This is therefore, set to be a much bigger event, with all of the ski, snowboard and biking brands also attending. Definitely one for Drayton to be a part of……….