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Six key components of online shopper personalisation strategies.

6 in 60 | 60-second read

PERSONALISATION MADE SIMPLE – Six key components of online shopper personalisation strategies

The best personalisation strategies deliver hyper-relevant personal experiences by showing content, product recommendations, and specific offers based on previous actions – browsing behaviour, purchase history etc. Here are six key components of a sound strategy:

1 Understanding. Discover what each individual customer wants. Then create personalised customer-driven goals.

2 Cohesion. All site-interaction points should work cohesively to build a complete picture of each visitor across their entire user-journey.

3 Where best? Examine all the channels and touchpoints your customers interact with. Think hard about where personalisation should best occur in the user-experience.

4 What best? What tools do you already have – CRM, marketing automation, A/B testing – that offer a wealth of information? Decide which of those tools could best support each personalised micro-moment.

5 How best? Define exactly how you are going to bring all of your channels and data together to deliver this kind of unique personal experience at scale.

6 A.I. The ability of A.I. to churn data at speed enables it to recommend personalised products to every customer in real time. It’s a key component of the most successful user-oriented shopping experiences.

Key 'Three'
80% of shoppers are more likely to buy
1600 Facebook followers
44% of consumers say that they will likely repeat the purchase
(source: Bloomreach)

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