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THE AGE OF ANTI-AGEING? Inflexion’s purchase of Pangea suggests anti-ageing brand Medik8 is looking good.

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“We’re going to make our product with the smallest footprint possible, but it is a footprint.” Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia's Vice President of Environmental Initiatives

“Beautiful Skin for Life.” That, according to their website, is the philosophy of premium anti-ageing skincare brand Medik8.

The science-based brand’s recent acquisition by Inflexion – as part of its investment in global beauty business Pangea Laboratories – implies the award-winning private equity firm thinks anti-ageing products will also work wonders for their bottom-line.

“The brand has experienced phenomenal growth as the skincare consumer has become more knowledgeable and moved towards science,” commented Medik8 Founder, Elliot Isaacs.

Medik8 is all about simplicity. Its stated mission is “demystify anti-ageing skincare.” An innovative example of this approach is the launch of Sleep Glycolic, an at-home skin peel that works while the user sleeps.

According to Private Equity Wire, quoting Inflexion’s Managing Partner Simon Turner, the PE firm intend to grow Medik8 “by supporting their continued innovation, new product launches and international expansion.”

The simple human desire to look younger than we are will, it seems, never grow old.

Extract from Human Capital – Drayton’s business magazine.

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