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OLD IS THE ‘NEW’ NEW – Six of the best new consumer product launches for 2024.

2024’s best NPD runners and riders

Six in 60:

2024’s best NPD runners and riders:

1 Thrive. ‘Beer that makes you better’ sounds counterintuitive but – according to The Grocer – Belgian beer brand Thrive is “alcohol-free and contains vitamins and protein to aid the body’s recovery after exercise.” One to watch.

2 Persil Wonder Wash. Short-cycle washes are still a major laundry trend. Persil say the new Wonder Wash range is: “specifically designed for outstanding performance even in a 15-minute cycle.” With Usain Bolt fronting the advertising, they should (WARNING: bad pun alert!) go fast.

3 Allbirds Tree Runner Go. This hotly anticipated eco-fashion Tencel-based shoe is part-made from recycled plastic bottles and sugarcane-derived foam. So, old really is the ‘new’ new.

4 Oatley Barista Organic. Specifically created to meet increasing demand for organic options from both consumers and coffee shops. Oatley say Barista Organic has already “received strong interest from baristas, partners and customers alike.”

5 Noshi Food Paint. Trendy New York brand Noshi’s organic food colourant range lets kids’ culinary imaginations run wild without – as The Grocer points out – “their parents having to worry about e-numbers.”

6 Dyson 360 Vis Nav. Dyson claims its new Vis Nav has “6x times the suction of any other robot vacuum.” It uses an Intelligent 360° vision system to build a map of your home. Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, your wish is the Vis Nav’s command.