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THE POWER OF THE PIVOT – Crisis what crisis? Three Consumer Sector lock-down successes.

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Three different pivots – three different success stories. Sources: Forbes, B Daily

Three fascinating examples of how an external shock, such as with the pandemic, can present new opportunities for a business.

Nourish Bud: Vegan gets personal

UK start-up Nourish Bud, originally envisaged as a restaurant format, has taken advantage of the boom in food delivery to raise investment capital and transform its business model. Nourish Bud now specialises in a deliverable range of daily vegan meals. All of which can be tailored to customers’ individual tastes and requirements.

Obagi Skincare: Lending a helping hand

Obagi, makers of specialist skincare products primarily available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other skincare professionals, developed a helping-hands initiative – creating and distributing a specialist hand sanitiser for healthcare workers.

Rootine Vitamins: Following the science

The hyper-personalised vitamin brand has built its business on real scientific research and data. At the beginning of the pandemic, they refocussed their scientists and nutrition experts on Covid data, and started working on a simple widely-available antibody test.

Three different pivots – three different success stories. (Sources: Forbes, B Daily)

Extract from Human Capital – Drayton’s business magazine.

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