Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness, a rapidly-evolving sector, has, in part, based its success on providing the modern consumer with astutely relevant answers to their future needs. It is a fascinating hybrid area which encompasses Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare and Nutraceuticals/Nutrition. One which makes unusual demands on the skillsets of its key players.

Drayton’s deep Consumer Sector expertise means that whether you are a traditional white-pill pharmaceutical business, a big OTC name, or a start-up nutrition company developing a challenger brand, any business, in fact, which has a consumer angle, we can secure the exact talent you’re looking for.

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Sector expert

Ian Pickett is a founding partner of Drayton and before moving in to recruitment he enjoyed a long career in the Food Industry with Nestlé.

Sector expert

Jonathan Bean joined Drayton in 2017 and offers the firm search expertise gained at Korn Ferry, supported by specialist industry experience from P&G.

Real know-how comes from a lifetime of experience. We like to think exactly the same thing is true of real know who

In 2017, North America accounted for 49% of global pharmaceutical sales, compared with 21.5% for Europe.

Switzerland (€6.5 bn), Germany (€6.2 bn), UK (€5.8 bn) and France (€4.6 bn) invested the most in R&D in Europe in 2017.

The global probiotics market is projected to grow by 38% between the start of 2018 and 2021.

63% of users admit that it is difficult to tell whether a sports nutrition product is benefitting them.