Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness, a rapidly-evolving sector, has, in part, based its success on providing the modern consumer with astutely relevant answers to their future needs. It is a fascinating hybrid area which encompasses Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare and Nutraceuticals/Nutrition. One which makes unusual demands on the skillsets of its key players.

Drayton’s deep Consumer Sector expertise means that whether you are a traditional white-pill pharmaceutical business, a big OTC name, or a start-up nutrition company developing a challenger brand, any business, in fact, which has a consumer angle, we can secure the exact talent you’re looking for.

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Sector expert

Ian Pickett is a founding partner of Drayton and before moving in to recruitment he enjoyed a long career in the Food Industry with Nestlé.

Sector expert

Jack Montague-Nelson is a Consultant at Drayton Partners and leads the delivery of search projects across the consumer sector. Prior to joining Drayton, Jack spent 3 years working for a boutique executive search firm.

Real know-how comes from a lifetime of experience. We like to think exactly the same thing is true of real know who

In 2019, North America accounted for 49% of global pharmaceutical sales, compared with 21.5% for Europe.

Switzerland (€6.5 bn), Germany (€6.2 bn), UK (€5.8 bn) and France (€4.6 bn) invested the most in R&D in Europe in 2019.

The global probiotics market is projected to grow by 38% between the start of 2018 and 2021.

63% of users admit that it is difficult to tell whether a sports nutrition product is benefitting them.