Testing & assessment

Drayton’s testing and assessment solutions are tailored to a client’s specific needs; whether that is part of a search or a broader leadership development project. They reveal a depth of highly relevant insight into individuals’ behavioural styles and working methods. This understanding is invaluable when seeking to appoint that high impact, transformational leader.

Drayton offer both personality and ability testing solutions, designed to assess behaviour styles, work-based preferences, and attitudes to workplace scenarios. We use assessments which are considered the gold-standard in the industry, including the Occupational Personality Questionnaire and a variety of ability tests which are suitable for both executive and non-executive appointments across all job disciplines.

Drayton’s testing proposition

Meeting with the client to discuss testing strategy and goals. Core competencies of the role are prioritised for assessment.
Individuals are briefed by our in-house psychometricians and complete testing online or in person.
Detailed feedback sessions are undertaken with individuals and comprehensive written reports are shared.
Drayton direct the client through a review session to discuss the insight and the corresponding recommendations.

Our people

The assessment team at Drayton is headed up by Sophie, our in-house psychometrician. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in Education with Psychology and a MSc in Psychology (GMBPsS). As well as being a Chartered Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, she is an accredited RQTU (Level A and B Occupational). Her background in human behaviour and testing across the field of psychology have helped her develop a passion for social intelligence and occupational personality theory.

Sophie is available at sophie.edwards@draytonpartners.com for a formal or more exploratory conversation about how best to include psychometric testing in a search or leadership development project.