May 2023

Operations Director

This position is now closed

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  • Lead and develop the existing operational team to establish a best-in-class function.
  • Execute the operations masterplan, with overall accountability for the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Develop and implement the CAPEX plan, identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency and reduce losses.
  • Manage the financial budget for operations, employing an analytical approach to cost management and identifying significant areas for cost reduction.
  • Utilise software solutions to streamline business processes, reduce administrative tasks, and provide analytical data for performance improvement.
  • Collaborate with the broader board to ensure the operational function meets the business requirements and develops long-term solutions aligned with the commercial agenda.
  • Foster a culture of strong people engagement within the operational team, holding individuals accountable while promoting a supportive environment.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • The successful candidate will possess a strong background in food or beverage manufacturing, having worked with high-performing businesses.
  • They will have experience in driving change management within a well-established environment and will be comfortable making tough decisions while upholding a strong set of behaviours and values.
  • They will be tenacious and focused, while also having the ability to envision long-term goals and not resorting to shortcuts in achieving overall objectives.
  • They should be capable of successfully transitioning from the factory floor to the boardroom, demonstrating good commercial awareness and the ability to contribute to wider business initiatives.
Completed Project